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Bird Dog Real Estate Training Canada

Bird Dog Real Estate Training Canada

Bird Dog Training In Canadian Real Estate

Make quick cash by becoming a Bird Dog!

Bird Dog  in Canadian Real Estate

This is an opportunity for people who want to become real estate investors but may currently need a way to create capital and increase their knowledge of real estate at the same time.

A "Bird-Dog" is someone who identifies a good Canadian Real Estate investment opportunity and puts the property under contract with the sole intent of assigning that contract for a fee.

Learn many techniques that involve finding properties, finding buyers and building data bases that not only will give you life long career skills as a real estate investor, but will pay you over and over again.

The Bird Dog Training Outline finding deals deal analysis building a buyers list finding investors qualifying your investors presenting deals to your investors managing your database adding value to your investors getting paid


Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke



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