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Interns Real Estate

Guidelines for Interns Real Estate

Interns Real Estate for World Wealth builders and PREIG Canada offers unique opportunities for anyone interested  Interns Real Estate  in a hands-on volunteering experience while they learn, train and accumulate new business skills! interns real estate

interns real estateOur pool of   Interns Real Estate are incredibly diverse in age and experience. From entrepreneurs, to students, from expert professionals to people who have no experience, many have chosen to commit their time to help others succeed!

Currently, almost all of our v Interns Real Estate attend our events on a regular basis. As our organization grows, there will be opportunities for you to help others! We will also need help in media relations, internet & social networking, and other administrative duties.

World Wealth builders and PREIG Canada accepts, at its discretion,  Interns Real Estate who are passionate and enthusiastic and committed to helping others reach their goals. Volunteers must agree to work under the direction of World Wealth builders and PREIG Canada consistent with its mission and policies.

How to Get Involved as Interns Real Estate

We encourage anyone interested to contact us via email at [email protected] or call our contact number. We also welcome you to come and attend one of our events to see first hand this unique volunteer opportunity. Please contact us beforehand so we know to expect you.

New volunteers will be trained on how to take care of logistics. Every person will need to be trained prior to being allowed to help our students.

Training & Volunteer Positions Available for Interns

• Greeters
• Registration
• Merchandising
• Mic Runners
• Logistics
• Production Assistant
• Camera Crew Assistant
• Photography
• Bloggers
• Article Writers/Editors
• Event and Off Site Media Relations
• Event Security
• Event Production Assistant

While we try to place the volunteered in their desired area of interest, it may not always be possible.

Our promise to you is that every volunteer is:

• To have access to appropriate induction and training
• To be treated as a co-contributor and member of the team
• To be given a suitable placement
• To have a task description
• To be informed about communication lines within the organization
• To receive feedback from their Volunteer’s Supervisor and/or Volunteer Coordinator
• You will be made aware of World Wealth builders and PREIG Canada expectations, so that you succeed in your volunteer position.
• To have support, feedback and debriefing

Recognition of Service

The work undertaken by volunteers is highly valued by World WealthBuilders and PREIG Canada and it is the responsibility of both the Volunteer’s Supervisor and the Volunteers Coordinator to ensure they receive appropriate recognition.

Outstanding Volunteer Service Awards are awarded to from time-to-time, and should you be provided with outstanding service and/or help, you too can nominate an Outstanding Volunteer at any time! Tell us about your experience at [email protected] or call 1-647-393-6100

World Wealth builders and PREIG Canada provides training. We do not provide transportation, accommodations, meals and/or parking. This is strictly a volunteer position only.

Your Reward as  Interns Real Estate

For every event you work, we will award you a $100.00 credit towards one (1) FUTURE training over $4995.00 (tax not included). This credit is not retro-active, and can not be applied to any previous course, or on-going payments you may have now. This credit may not be redeemed for cash. This reward does not expire, and can be used at any time! Only one (1) $100.00 credit may only be applied to (1) one training at a time. Volunteer Credits will not be applied towards merchandise. A maximum of thirty  (30) $100 credits can be used towards a training valued at $4995.00 or more (tax not included).

References & Privacy Policy for  Interns Real Estate

If References are required from us, the Volunteer must waive their right to privacy in writing, so that we may disclose information about their work & performance to a potential employer.

World Wealth builders and PREIG Canada. will not distribute nor disclose any personal or sensitive information of Volunteers obtained in the course of their duties.

interns real estate

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