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Real Estate Seminar in Toronto-Ontario Canada

Real Estate Seminar in Toronto-Ontario Canada

Advance Canadian Real Estate Investors Training LIVE 

 Intensive High Value Canadian Real Estate Seminar

How to instantly Flip Houses for Profit

Use other people's money to build wealth in Canadian Real Estate

Learn unique Canadian Real Estate investing SECRETSSTRATEGIES and TECHNIQUES that will skyrocket your business and cash flow beyond what you ever imagined Learn from the Canadian experts about Rent to Own as well as Let the Canadian Government pay for your Down Payment. 


Who Should Attend No Money Down Canadian   Real Estate Investment  Education Seminar-LIVE?

First-time Real Estate Investors (first time Canadian home buyers): If you have never invested in real estate, get started when the market is ripe for the picking. No money? No credit? No problem! You'll see exactly how our students have become financially free by using our proven methods.

Experienced Real Estate Investors: Find out how to move up to the phenomenal income potential in our method of investing. Get proven Canadian strategies that take you from your current income to the next level you desire and put you in a whole new money-making league.

Canadian Real Estate Professionals: Now is the time for you to make more money in your deals. See how you can earn more than a commission and massively increase your net worth by getting into the action yourself. This is must for Canadian Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Lawyers, Bankers,Accountants,Financial Planners,Appraisers,Insurance professionals, General Contractors, Developer and Builders.

Yes, in this intensive training session you will learn that it is possible to learn the tricks, secrets, strategies and techniques for super Canadian wealth Real Estate Investors.

Not only will you be absorbing key information, you will also be into practice immediately. So be ready to learn, participate, and share.

In this training, you will learn:

How to make Money Now and huge Positive Cash Flow

How to find properties 30-90% below Market value from the comfort of your home or office

How to ask the Canadian Tax man to pay your down payment

How to ask the government to pay your forgivable down payment

How to utilize the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation Program for No Money Down real estate Canada

How to utilize forgivable grants,rebates and Tax credits

How to ask Canadian banks to finance your deals legally 110%

How to put CASH on your pocket the day you close your first deal

No money ! No credit ! No Job=No problem

Date: Saturday  March 14th, April 11th, May 16th, Jun 13th, Jul 11th, Aug 8th, Sept 19th, Oct 10th, Nov 14th and Dec 12th 2015

Time: 8:45 am - 1:45 pm

Location: Bayview Golf and Country Club
25 Fairway Heights Drive, Toronto, ON L3T 3X1
(905) 889-4833



80% of Success is Showing Up and Taking Action

In the end, the choices we make determine the reality of our outcome.

If you are too busy to come , you probably will never improve your results.

Remember, broke people are always so busy with their time, while successful people are productive with their time. The choices you make determine the reality of your outcome.

 You pay only $49.00



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We are looking forward to seeing you in the next Canadian Real Estate seminar in person.
Don't forget to bring your family or friend too.

Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke
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  P.S. Take Action now to attend the eye-opening seminar and walk away with confidence, knowledge, and specific "action ideas" that can help you achieve your dreams and leave the rat race behind.

  We have been training Canadian Real Estate Investors since 1993.

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