REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba

REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba

Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada


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REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba mentoring, mastermind, support and networking meeting is a platform where Canadian Real Estate investors can mingle and network. REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba, investors, REI club, real estate provide education, mentoring, coaching advance training for Real estate investments.


Dates : REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba, investors, REI club, real estate,Sat, Sun & Mon Jan 24th-26th,2015

Time : 8:30 am-10:30 am (Sat,Sun & Mon)

5:30 pm-7:30 pm (Sat and Sun)

Location : Delta Winnipeg

350 St.Mary Avenue, Winnipeg-MB

Phone: 416-409-7300

 Fee $49.99 plus taxes






REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba info-packed Canadian Real estate investment seminar live allows you to soak up secret tips for finding hidden gems, discovering the trick of spotting big cash flow money-makers, mastering the art of covering your posterior with proper due diligence, and so much more.

REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba is a unique opportunity to learn from Canada’s leading Real Estate Expert in a seminar that may change your life and transform your finances; or just give you the knowledge to make better investments!

Annual Fee REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba

$149/person. You can either pay cash or debit @the door

Learn from the Canadian Experts the tactics, skills, and investing methods it normally takes others a lifetime to learn. Our radically different approach is intense, immersing, interactive, and gives you actionable knowledge you can start using the instant you're done.

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Network + Support + Apprenticeship + Mentoring
Massive Income + Passive income






Align yourself with the most powerful, knowledgeable, influential, successful over 12.500 Canadian Real Estate Investors to network and learn.

This is an opportunity you must share with your friends, family and colleagues.

If you want more out of life… more wealth, more happiness, more fun… then you MUST get them to one of the upcoming REI Club Real Estate Winnipeg-Manitoba events.

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