RRSP Mortgages / Creative Financing apprenticeship for Canadian Real Estate Investors

RRSP Mortgages / Creative Financing Apprenticeship

for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Registered retirement savings plans allow you to invest your money in mortgages whereby you can determine your own rate of return and have the ability to place the money wherever you choose. When investing your own RRSP funds you must understand the following steps before you proceed:

  1. You must understand the mortgage act.
  2. You must know the interest act.
  3. You must know how to write a commitment letter.
  4. You must know who you can or cannot lend money to.
  5. You must know the minimum or maximum interest you can charge.
  6. You must know the costs involved to establish a self directed RRSP and the ongoing administration costs.
  7. You must know the remedies available in case of default.

What you need to know about RRSPs
Self directed registered retirement savings plans are subject to rules and regulations which have been established by the Canada Revenue Agency. There are many options and choices available to invest your RRSP funds which may include:

  1. Investing alone.
  2. Investing in mortgage investment corporations (MIC).
  3. Investing partially with other investors.

Legal Aspect of RRSPs
Since an RRSP is a legal document, it is pertinent that a legal opinion must be obtained in writing before proceeding. You also have to understand the requirements of the trustee (the bank who is holding your RRSP) as they may or may not allow you to lend more than a certain percentage of loan to value ratio. Keep in mind that if there is a default, the trustee is not responsible to go after the mortgagor.

Creative financing is not a substitute for 100% financing. Instead, it is utilized for the purpose of leverage, cash flow and tax benefits.

Creative financing is mandatory for investment properties where your rate of return is not the only reason to invest. It can also provide a tax shelter, help you to defer capital gains or to write off expenses against.

Every successful Canadian real estate investor would like to maximize the benefits of owning real estate apart from simply making huge profits. As a real estate investor, you can also invest as a retirement nest; to build an empire or business as a builder/developer where you intend to use other peoples money to create win-win situations. Since we all have very limited amounts of liquid cash, it becomes a basic necessity for real estate investors to utilize creative financing for the purpose of acquisition, development and long term holds.

RRSP Mortgages and Creative Financing Apprenticeship

At World Wealth Builders we offer a two day intensive apprenticeship for Self Directed RRSP Mortgages and Creative Financing which will open new doors for you in the way you invest in real estate. For upcoming times and locations of this apprenticeship, please visit www.WorldWealthBuilders.com/live  or send an email to [email protected]


Regular Tuition Fee - $9995*
Special Price for Live Presentation - $7995* (For dates and times check our calendar)

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*+ applicable taxes (GST/HST)


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Its definitely a must to take this apprenticeship that every brand new real estate investor should take before starting their real estate adventure

George Selevko, Toronto-Ontario

I learned so much in a couple day my head is spinning! I am sure when I put all the knowledge I have learned to work I will be earning my money for training 10 times over. I am so impresses this is the best investment seminar I have ever attended to date and I have done quite a few - none that comes close to this one! Thanks to Navtaj and Japji

Joan Harris, Brampton - Ontario

Its a great place to learn. Real life approach. Its a place where people care about your success. Looking forward to field trips. You feel like your part of the family

Elena Selevko, Toronto-Ontario

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The day I walked into the program I did not know anything. I can now say that you have really helped me in many ways to build my success. Thank you.

Sim Sandhu,

This class was full of valuable information. It gives the strength to the investor to go out and deal with people who are going through problems.

Kalvinder S. Rai , Brampton - Ontario

I attended REMSA more than once and every time I come I am still learning something new.  There are always different twists and variations of all the 120 strategies so the learning never stops.  Anyone who wants to make a million the secrets are here.

Patrina Cheng

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