Wholesaling Real Estate

Wholesaling Real Estate

Wholesaling Real Estate
Wholesaling Real Estate

Never owning the property is the key to successful wholesaling.

“How do you do wholesale real estate?”

The first step is finding a property that has sufficient equity.

Try to find a property still owned by the homeowner and get it under contract. 

 Where do you find the panic sellers for wholesale real estate?

You will learn more by attending the Wholesale Apprenticeship by
World Wealth Builders and Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada.
You will be able to find properties 35-65% below market values in Canada after the training.

 Let’s say you found a deal worth $600,000 for $450,000.00 and put it under contract.

 Give a small deposit (we typically offer a$10.00 deposit) to secure the property and get to work.

 Work it out so you have 10- 30 days to do due diligence and assignment. In the meantime, compile and prepare all the information required for the professional Real Estate Investors.

 What do you need to have in a package for wholesale real estate:

 Non circumventing non-disclosure agreement

 Assignment form

  Letter of direction to the Seller and lawyers

 Comparative Market analysis (CMA)

 Assessment Value

 Copy of the listing, if available

 Owner financing, if negotiated

 And a lot more

You must put an assignment clause to protect you from any further liability
in case the deals fall apart. You will learn the trade secrets by attending
Wholesale Apprenticeship by World Wealth builders and
Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada.

The four Main steps for wholesale real estate

wholesale real estate
wholesale real estate
  •  Find the Deal far below Market value
  • Evaluate it professionally
  • Secure the deal with assignment clause
  • Assign the Deal without any liability

 Where do find Buyers for a wholesale real estate?

 Run an ad in the “houses for sale” section of the paper as well
as on the forum of Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) Canada.
Use key words like “handy", "investor special”, “needs work”,
“distressed”, and “must sell” and “assignment”.

 You can get hundreds of inquiries from all kind of Real Estate professionals
and investors. Be sure to get the name and number of each caller so that
you can call them with your next house as well. If the house is a good
deal with plenty of equity, one of these buyers will want it.

 When you have a qualified buyer… what next?

 Assign your contract to the new buyer,
who in turn closes in your place. It breaks down like this —
You placed the property under contract with proper assignment
clause for $450,000. You found a buyer and assigned your contract
to them for $465,000.
The new buyer assignee then comes to closing and buys the house.

The original homeowner receives his $450,000 and you receive
your $15,000 assignment fee. You just made $15,000
and all you invested was $10.00 for a deposit and sometime
answering the phone. Your buyer may rehabs it and sells it for $600,000.
Everyone is happy.

 No matter which path you take it’s a win/win for everyone!

  If you are just getting into real estate,
need to make some extra money, want a business you can do part time
- then wholesaling houses is a great way for you to get into this very lucrative business.


This business doesn’t require money or credit because you
are not buying properties. You are simply putting a good deal

under contract and then assigning that contract to the
new investor or landlord that wants to buy it.
With this arrangement, you would receive a fee for finding
the property also called an assignment fee.

 You may be asking yourself why investors
would pay you a fee for finding them wholesale real estate

Well, think about it this way, there are a lot of Real Estate investors
who may not be able to find far below market value deals.
They don't have the training and coaching on how to do wholesaling.
They are happy to buy it below market value from you.


You are not even selling a property;
you are simply selling the contract you have with the seller.
This is why wholesaling houses is also called; "No Money Down" deals.

Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke
Website: www.WorldWealthBuilders.com | www.preigCanada.com
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