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Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Our Classroom (bus tour) is the Real World

Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors  is field training program which differs from other training companies.

Most of the properties will be SOLD 30-90% Below current Market value.

Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors

is full of helpful information that will definitely have some aid in your path to success. You can expect to learn a lot more information then you imagined before start investing.. Overall highlights of the field training program are  boots on the ground. Visiting city hall and foreclosure properties, learning several point on how to inspect these properties or owners,. The field training program is basically for anyone who would like to increase their knowledge whether or not they are advanced real estate investor or beginners. Accompanied by World Wealth Builders, you will spot deals, make private deals, get creative financing, get deals with no money down and buy distressed properties from the panic sellers.

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Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors program curriculum consists of specific skills, techniques and secrets. We share with the students that distinguish our company (World Wealth Builders) from other competitive training companies.

Due Diligence

You will do in depth research of all properties that are in all stages of power of sale, foreclosure, tax lien or civil enforcement in Canada.

The group dynamic, with 5-10 investors from different backgrounds and income levels, made for constant dialogue between prospective
buyers and the experts.

Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Top 10 Critical Due Diligence steps Understanding laws, obligations and contracts are:

  1. We will show you how it’s done
  2. What to look for
  3. What to avoid
  4. Buy properties at a Discount
  5. Remodel a home to become a beautiful like-new home that sells quickly
  6. Partner with other investors
  7. Complete Property Analysis And Evaluations
  8. Buying Properties with all Cash vs. Financing
  9. Thirty second quick Analysis
  10. 5 Must-Know Real Estate Calculations
  11. An opportunity to Buy a Property which may be SOLD for PENNIES on a dollar.

In between there will be Q&A regarding the property analysis, location, cash flow, exit strategies, fix and flip, and other investor questions. The tour will highlight the real time,deals which will be SOLD in front of your bare naked eyes.

You will also observe uneducated investors buying properties lot more than its value. Biggest mistake of their LIFE.

Like You We're anything But Ordinary

Field Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors program consists of an opportunity

  1. Supreme court office
  2. Land City Office
  3. Sheriffs office
  4. Auction houses etc.
  5. Witness deals in real life in real timeField Training for Canadian Real Estate Investors

Where tradition meets Innovation

We also educate you on how to discover the perfect deals for Canadian Real Estate Investors. Any paperwork needed in any deal you are making across Canada is provided by World Wealth Builders upon request. The hand on part of the field training curriculum consists of a

  1. Visit property owner
  2. Government officials
  3. Sheriff
  4. Due diligence:
    1. Liens
    2. Judgments
    3. CRA Liens
    4. Easements
    5. Etc
  5. Title search
  6. Execution searches
  7. Work orders
  8. Visiting the properties
  9. And inspection

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Watch it, Do it & Grow Rich

 Fee  $1,999.00 plus taxes

Special Discounted Rate is $998.98 plus taxes *

Only paid by Email Transfers.

For more information ,please call 416-409-7300 or Email: [email protected]

 Field Training for Real Estate Investors in Toronto

(available in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer and other cities)


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Time:10:30 am-5:30 pm

Training Fees : $998-98 plus taxes


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Time: 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Deposit $999.99 + HST

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Dress Code: Formal Business Suit,ties and Black Sun Glasses

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