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Reserve your seat....in your city now to attend Canadian Real Estate Investors seminar Training LIVE.

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Real Estate Apprentice is Where learning happens in Real Life and experience is in the Real world .  Canadian Real Estate Investments advance Training  LIVE.

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Now is the time for you to make more money in your deals. See how you can earn more than a commission and massively increase your net worth by getting into the action yourself.

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Buy Low Sell High like


Rihanna paid $2.75 million for the 1926-built pad in August, property records show. Rihanna sold her West Hollywood Spanish-modern Villa for $2.85 million just three months after buying it.


Taylor Swift ready to flip waterfront estate in Rhode Island. Will she flip this property ?


Ellen DeGeneres sold the Brody House–a gem of Los Angeles architecture for a cool $49.5 million a few weeks ago. She turned a $15 million profit in just six short months.


Multi-billionaire casino tycoon Steve WynnFlips $65 Million Bel Air Mansion after 6 months.

Who Should Attend Canadian Real Estate Investors seminar Training LIVE

First-time Real Estate Investors

If you have never invested in real estate, get started when the market is ripe for the picking. No money? No credit? No problem! You'll see exactly how our students have become financially free by using our proven methods.

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Experienced Real Estate Investors

Find out how to move up to the phenomenal income potential in our method of investing. Get proven Canadian strategies that take you from your current income to the next level you desire and put you in a whole new money-making league.

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Canadian Real Estate Professionals

This is must for Canadian Realtors, Mortgage Brokers, Real Estate Lawyers, Bankers,Accountants,Financial Planners,Appraisers,Insurance professionals, General Contractors, Developer and Builders.

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Mr. Rick Wheeler

Mr. Van Ryf

Ms. Kim

High Value practical Learning

The eye-opening seminar and walk away with confidence, knowledge, and specific "action ideas" that can help you achieve your dreams and leave the rat race behind. The quickest ways to ATTRACT desperately motivated panic home sellers so they come to you...Begging for your help!

  1. 4 time tested exit strategies that will leave you prepared for any scenario that comes your way....You're gonna kick yourself once you hear how easy this works.
  2. 5 Ways to get your buyers list overflowing with desperate buyers in 8 days or less....Desperate buyers willing to pay you big money just to use your inside connections
  3. 2 Secrets for marketing your properties effectively so you can turn them quickly...Turn em and burn em as they say!
  4. How to make MORE MONEY with less risk by using the RIGHT exit strategies.
  5. 3 key ingredients to structure every deal right so you make more on each deal and eliminate your risk!
  6. How to build a monthly income that surpasses your salary!
  7. How to assign contracts...flips, wholesale and assignments.

This section alone could skyrocket your success as a real estate wholesaler How to make a fortune wholesaling without spending a dime on advertising. How to get buyers and sellers eating out of the palm of your hand. What little secrets the Multi millionaires don't want you to know!

Canadian private Hard Money Lenders are private Canadian investors who will lend the money to Professional real estate investors for rehabbing, renovation as well as acquiring the property without much of a hassle.They require AACI appraisal.Click here for more info!


Reserve your seat....in your city now and learn....

  • ask the Canadian Tax man to pay your down payment
  • buy Canadian Real Estate from 30-85% Below Current market value(Never on MLS)
  • Learn three different strategies to have interest free down payment from 10-15 years
  • utilize other people's money as Joint Ventures for No Money Down
  • use Forgivable Canadian Real Estate Grants & Forgivable Down payment assistance
  • increase the value of your house at no cost(Forced appreciation)
  • find deep Discounted Canadian Real Estate deals including pre foreclosures
  • find No Money Down properties from the comfort of your home or office
  • Wholesaling Canadian real estate properties
  • Canadian private hard money lenders
  • Canadian bridge loan funding
  • Quick flips with assignments
  • Fix and FLIP real estate deals
  • Joint Ventures
  • Wholesaling
  • and lot more
  • Special Gifts  Manual provide

Reserve your seat....in your city now to attend Canadian Real Estate Investors seminar Training LIVE

Canadian Real Estate Investors Seminar Training LIVE Training Fee is $99.88 plus HST

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