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Do you know the secrets of a professional blogger ?

They use the Blog Content Strategy. They intend to get maximum results compared to the rookie blogger because they understand the concept , secret and the strategies which place their blogs on the top of google search.

blog content strategy

There are five key benefits for excellent blog content strategy:

  • at least 400 words of  blog content, because google values blog content.
  • keyword density of 5% is the most effective anything more is too much.
  • use images in blogs  with proper tags which is the keyword phrase.
  • links well this is the secret sauce and they are very powerful.
  • videos are the highest recommendation with the same keyword phrase title.  No more than 90 seconds in length.

By simply following the five key elements of blog content strategy

described above one can have astonishing results by writing a simple blog

which is enriched what the reader and google is searching

for.  The tricks of the trade are learned from getting proper

training, coaching, and practicing in real life.

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blog content strategy

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