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Being a real estate investor is good to know the British Columbia residential tenancy act and the governing rules. It is essential for both the real estate investor and tenants to understand their rights and obligations. It is important to keep up today rental laws and comply with those laws and the occurrence contained in the tenancy agreement.

Conditional Inspection Report BC

Conditional Inspection Report BC

Conditional Inspection Report  BC help and protect both real estate investor landlord and tenants.

Conditional Inspection Report  BC describe the unit condition before the tenant moves in as well as when the tenant moves out. A sample conditional inspection report can be obtained from The landlord can create his own farm if he wishes to provide they comply with all the laws rules and regulations.

The inspection should be done on the tenants move in and move out day when the unit is empty. The move out inspection must be done before a new tenant moves in to the premises.

During the inspection the landlord fails in writing the record of unit’s condition. If there is any damage such as stains on the rug any holes in the wall or any other kind of damage it is recommended to take the photographs. Having a record of this information make sure both parties have a copy and it can be used in cases where there is a dispute.

Both the landlord and the tenant sign the condition inspection report. The landlord is required to give a completed a conditional inspection report to the tenant within 7 days of move in inspection. In case there was a problem which was not identified on the condition inspection report, a written notification should be given to the other party.

If there is a repair required for the compliance with the landlord and tenant agreement the landlord must repair the problems. Failing to do so a tenant can apply for an order to force the landlord to fix the place to bring it to the standard condition.

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The above information is provided as a guideline and is not intended to give a professional legal advice. Please consult a real estate lawyer for their opinion on your particular case.

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Conditional Inspection Report BC

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