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Grow op  houses are scary words for home buyers. The development and use of marijuana has been an issue in Canada and many other places in the world for a very long time. A common way to grow marijuana is through the illegal way of using grow ops. Grow op houses are types of houses that have been bought or leased by a person in the drug trade to grow marijuana in them.


Grow up HousesGrow op houses are virtually everywhere. They are usually in residential neighborhoods but are also found in warehouses and commercial buildings.

The operators of these grow op houses have became very sophisticated. They have ways of making their grow op houses blend into the neighborhood they are in. such as having families live there (crop sitters) so there are not any suspicions.

Grow op houses Marijuana

Marijuana cultivation has grown a lot over the years. This is because marijuana is a very high profitable. There are low risks of getting caught but when caught there are lenient sentences.

There is a small initial investment but over time the grower will make a huge profit. A grower can make over a million dollars in a year through high quality marijuana.

There is a risk of public safety and money lost through grow op houses. They require a large amount of hydro and water to grow the plants. The growers tend to tamper with detection systems so they do not have to pay for the water or hydro that they are using.

There are also many safety hazards with grow op houses. House fires are caused by tampered electronics and extra exhaust fans in the grow op house. Re venting furnaces to circulate air for the marijuana plants can also build up poisonous gasses. These gasses are eventually out in the neighborhood, affecting all the other residents.


Growers are usually armed with dangerous weapons to protect themselves and their grow op houses. It attract a lot of criminal behavior which affects everyone in the neighborhood.

Marijuana grow op houses are an increasing issue in Canada and other places in the world. They affect the people who live in these houses and the neighborhood. Identifying and understanding them is crucial to figuring out how to deal with them to keep the general public safe.

Grow op houses, when they get busted have a stigma attached to it. Majority of the home buyers will shy away from buying x grow op house. Professional real estate investors can scoop up these properties at bargain prices. fix them and sell them for a huge profit. To read more about  visit the link below :

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