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Web design, internet marketing and search engine optimization (Toronto) Internet Marketing seo Training Seminar LIVE A VERY special 3-hour detailed Internet Marketing seo Training Seminar LIVE to learn the tricks of the trade. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how to make a dramatic change and achieve success on the web. We encourage you to come and learn if you have a website.

Webmasters are not Internet marketers. Why?
The majority of websites are designed by web masters, and are therefore are poor in quality, especially when it comes to content and context. Web designers are skilled in web technical know-how and are not marketing savvy professionals. For you to reach your target customers, you need to be precise in marketing to those people because the internet is so humongous that your website can easily get lost.
If you are debating on making a huge change in order to generate more money, more leads and the desired customers of your choice, then you owe yourself a favour to attend this free 3 hour seminar.
We will provide you with all the pertinent information you will need to know in order to grow your business online.

What questions you need to ask before start marketing your website?

  1. Who should I hire to do my web design?
  2. What should be my criteria to market my website?
  3. How can people find me first on the internet?
  4. How can I provide information (what a client is looking for) in less than 30 seconds?

The answer to all these questions will be provided to you at our next free 3 hour information session.

What would you learn about Internet Marketing seo Training Seminar LIVE

  1. The key phrase words.
  2. Determine who your target market is.
  3. How to reach the people who are seeking your goods or services.
  4. The top three ways to create online traffic?
  5. How to write effective content.

Who should attend this Internet Marketing seo Training Seminar LIVE

This seminar is for everyone and anyone who uses the internet to get information. But especially for those who intend to advertise for their business. This seminar will give you a clear understanding of how to market online precisely.
To obtain more information about upcoming times and locations, please visit our website at or send us an email at

internet marketing seo training

Regular Tuition Fee – $9995*
Special Price for Live Presentation – $4995* (For dates and times check our calendar)

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*+ applicable taxes (GST/HST)

internet marketing seo training

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