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Investing In Multi-Unit Property Seminar Apprenticeships most for those who want multi units investments. A Multi-Unit allows real estate investors to have all the units in one location and as a result, is far easier to manage.

investing in multi-unit property

Investing in multi-unit Property

Why invest in Multi-Units and Apartment Buildings?

  1. Acquisition cost: each rentable dwelling is much cheaper compared to buying a house or a condo.
  2. Management: it is much easier to hire a management company to manage a building than a bunch of single family homes across town.
  3. Mortgage financing: real estate investors do not have to qualify personally, instead the multi-units income is the qualification criteria to obtain financing.
  4. Operating costs: will be a lot less due to one location, multiple tenants and a lot less maintenance.
  5. Positive Cash flow: since multi units are inexpensive compared to single family homes, you intend to receive a much better return on your investment.
  6. Time factor: it tends to save a lot of time to acquire, manage and sell, since it is a package deal.
  7. Affordability vs. vacancy: since multi units are acquired at a much lower cost, your operating costs are proportionally less and historically your vacancy rate will be a lot lower making your bottom line of cash flow very strong.

What would you learn in Multi-Unit Apprenticeship?

  1. Over 50 strategies and techniques.
  2. Over 11 different ways to improve cash flow.
  3. Over 80 different strategies to find multi-units.
  4. How to analyze multi-units in one second.
  5. How to collect 13 cheques.
  6. How to have headache free management.
  7. How to keep tenants for life.
  8. How to multiply income instead of increasing by percentage.

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If we think about it, getting paid every other week means that you are getting 26 payments, and if we do the math on that, by the end of the year, you will have collected 13 cheques by the end of the year.

Can we do this legally?
Yes, if it is OK with the tenant, definitely. If that tenant gets paid weekly, we can utilize the same philosophy.

Regular Tuition Fee – $9995*
Special Price for Live Presentation – $4995* (For dates and times check our calendar)

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*+ applicable taxes (GST/HST)

investing in multi-unit property

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