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Peeling the onion: As you do when you are in the kitchen with a knife in one hand and the onion in the other, some tears are bound to flow, even if, in my case, they were of the metaphorical kind.

So, what did the “peeling of the onion” mean to me?

Firstly, I looked at all my activities, both business and personal and started evaluating whether

(a) I wished to persist with them or give them the flick,

(b) Did they provide me with internal and well as monetary satisfaction (great believer in passion) and

(c) Refer back to (a) for re-evaluation.

Peeling the Onion

In that process of peeling the onion

Some of my Canadian Real Estate projects went overboard:

A re-evaluation took place on how important Canadian real Estate Investments was (this year was seen full of brand new opportunities)

A hard look at Canadian Real Estate Market activities and what was successful (expect a few changes in but more on that)

A more intense focus on Canadian Real estate Investors Training and Coaching (getting my time and activities management better)Peeling the Onion

Getting more time to both write few more books and travel across the globe and within Canada

Now to you, for I think that this time of year, when the pressure is off, even for a short time, is the time to open the vegetable cupboard and get out that “onion of life” and start peeling.

Peeling the Onion

In some, possibly many, the onion will go into the pot minus only a couple of layers but, they will have been peeled nonetheless and your life will be the better for that.

However, in a lot of cases, there will be many layers peeled off and with that will come a whole new perspective of what your life is all about.

We only get one go at life, and whilst it is the greatest gift given to all of us, sadly many fritter it away either through delusional thinking that work is all there is or we simply fart about wasting it.

If you challenge that line of thinking, have a look at a hearse whenever you can. You will notice that they never have a tow bar, so you can’t take it with you!!

Make today your best day start NOW on that plan!

Thanks for being part of your and our success and if we can ever be of help, please contact us at

We are looking forward to provide you Canadian Real Estate Investment Training and Coaching.

Your success is our Passion!

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