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Power of sale notice period Ontario, all the notices of power of sale are regulated under the Ontario Mortgage Act. The lender (banks) does not necessarily have to go to the court to do a power of sale. Before a notice to proceed is sent out, the lender will be following steps to take action.

Power of Sale Notice Period Ontario

Power of sale notice period Ontario is  issued, is sub searched of the title to the home owners property and a search of execution of creditors is normally done determining the name of all the parties having interest in the property and any other kind of leans, judgements, and subsequent interest in the property.

After completing the sub search a notice shall be prepared and viewed by the bank (lender) and the lawyers have to follow the format as prescribed as by the Ontario Mortgage Act and shall be delivered to the recipients by obtaining addresses from the sub searches.

As the notice has been issued a further new sub-search will be performed to verify that no other instruments have been registered by 4:30 pm on the proceeding day. If required, other parties who are entitled to receive a notice of sale should be added to the list.

On the day Power of sale notice period Ontario is to be issued, the following details shall be included: Power of Sale Notice Period Ontario

1. The date the mortgage was made
2. The parties to the mortgage and property mortgaged addressed
3. Amount owing
4. Warning if the amount is not paid by a specific date the bank (lender) will sell the property

All of the above must be confirmed and completed.

Once the notice of sale has been finalized each copy shall be signed by the lender’s lawyer and should be delivered to all parties who have interest in the property by registered mail. The receipts of registered mail are required in case there is a lawsuit and evidence is required to make sure that all the steps are taken to protect all the parties in concern.

A signed copy by the lawyer should be provided to the bank for their record purposes and it is very critical that the lender and their lawyer cannot take further action until the expiry for time of payment as set in the notice of sale. The lender must follow section 42 on Ontario Mortgage Section

On the date of sending a notice for sale, a declaration must be prepared and sworn and a copy of this declaration shall be given to the bank (lender).

A Canadian Real Estate Investor should be aware of the governing rules and laws regarding the Ontario Mortgage Act.

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The above information is provided as a guideline and is not intended to give a professional legal advice. Please consult a Real Estate lawyer for their opinion on your particular case.

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