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There are all types of Canadian Real Estate property investments in this day and age.In  Real Estate there are several ways to invest in properties. Risks are part and parcel of property investments.

property investments

Property Investments in Canada

Coaching,information and training are the key part of your success in property investment. Learn from the Real Estate investment  experts different variations, techniques and secrets before investing in a property. Instead of buying through regular channels of Multiple Listing Service (MLS), there are deep discounted Canadian Real Estate properties available for educated real estate investors.

Pre foreclosure is well know secret for super wealthy real estate investors. These property owners are unable to make their mortgage payments due to many different reasons. In these situations Canadian Banks and Lenders have no mercy. The banks are only interested in recovering their investments. The foreclosure process can cost a lot to the Lender as well as the property owner. Property owners who are facing foreclosures want to quick solution to be out of the situation rather than going through foreclosure process.

Real estate investors can buy at wholesale prices due to judgements, liens, death, divorces or all instant cash.

Long term buy and sell investment properties  always pays off provided you are in for long term haul. Collection of the rent per month can cost you thousands of dollars of lost revenue due to lack of real estate investment education.
Apart from property investment,lack of training in real Estate investment add more risks.

If you are buying and holding for long term purposes, Canadian Real Estate investors should get more familiar with forgivable grants, rebates and tax credits to update rental units as well as your own principal residence.

Long term investment properties can produce positive cash flow when you have acquired them with proper strategies. you can built lot of equity by paying off the mortgage with rental income. There is some degree of expense along the way that is involved in keeping properties up to date and in demand. Investment properties pays off in long term basis  too.

Properties get sold at huge discount to informed real estate investors. Government auctions can be great bargains if you have done the proper due diligence. You need to have proper Canadian Real Estate investment education and coaching before investing.

Fast flips are quite norm for real estate investors who want to make a fast buck. Fix and flip requires real estate investors to buy investment property far below market value for instant profit. Assigning a purchase and sale agreement contract before closing requires expertise and real estate investment education.

High risk property investments can add lot of excitement for speculators. Speculators intend to gamble with Property investments too. High risk property investments can be pre construction of condos. Speculators is hoping and praying for the market to keep rising in values and able to profit upon completion of the condo project.

Real estate investors intend to acquire high risk investment properties for higher return on their investments. Canadian Real Estate property investment requires proper education, training and coaching before  investing millions of dollars not knowing what you are doing.

Lack of education, patience, techniques and available forgivable grants, rebates and tax credits can cause losses rather than profit.

Navtaj Chandhoke, Real estate investment  coach/key note speaker/ author/ angel investor/hard money lender have been investing in real estate from past 30 years. Navtaj is full time real estate investor. Navtaj have been commended by Royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP) regarding awareness of grow up houses.

property investments

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