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As Canadian real estate investors, it is our intent to create massive and passive income for ourselves throughout our career. There is no doubt an investor with proper knowledge and skill will make money (and lots of it) throughout their career:

Real Estate Asset Protection Strategies Training

Three ways investors make money
There are 3 main areas the professional real estate investor will make money throughout their careers:

  1. Income from short term deals (buy- fix-sells, assignments, referral/finders fees)
  2. Passive income created from monthly income (rent, lease payments etc.)
  3. Selling of long term holdings

Real Estate Asset Protection Strategies Training

3 keys to pay less tax
The key part of this equation is how much of these profits do we pay tax on and how much tax do we pay? Of course this is why we have accountants, however there are 3 keys we must fully understand in order to both pay less taxes and be able to do more creative real estate deals as a result.

Deferring the paying of tax, thus resulting in paying less taxes

  1. Deferring capital gains: the result of this is paying less capital gains as a whole as well as passing this information on to others in order for you to be able to control many more properties
  2. Understanding how to use losses to make huge profits

Should I incorporate?
As a real estate investor with holdings of any amount, we must be concerned with protecting ourselves against potential lawsuits as well as doing our best to lower our tax bracket. It would be obvious then to ask ourselves the following questions:

  1. Should we incorporate?
  2. At what point does it make sense to incorporate?
  3. If I do incorporate, what is the best way to set it up?

Advantages and disadvantages
To simply leave these decisions regarding how you will structure your business up to an accountant or lawyer can be dire. Why? Because they may have standard ways to set up corporations because that’s the way they have done things in the past. You must understand the advantages, disadvantages and structure options available in order to direct your lawyer and accountant to create a business structure that’s best for you.

World Wealth Builders provides an Asset Protection Apprenticeship training which will provide you with the knowledge and skill to understand how to protect your massive and passive income. You will also learn about the intricacies of holding onto more of your profits through deferring tax and paying less tax legally.

You will also learn important strategies which enables you to do even more deals, some where you can intentionally lose money and turn those losses into literally millions of dollars in profit.
This training also discusses the many pros and cons of setting up a corporation and the processes involved.

To obtain more information about our upcoming Asset Protection Apprenticeship training please go to or send an email to

Regular Tuition Fee – $9995*
Special Price for Live Presentation – $7995* (For dates and times check our calendar)

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*+ applicable taxes (GST/HST)

Real Estate Asset Protection Strategies Training

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