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The Real estate Investment Training Programs in  Canada you receive with World Wealth Builders is not like anything you’ll receive from any other training company. It involves opportunities such as a trip to the court office to capture virgin deals where there is no other competition. We teach you how to locate and find deals and from there pursue them to the homeowners.

All the paperwork is provided for you to make an instant offer for any property, anywhere on the globe. The practical field training will involve meeting the owners or the properties, and inspecting the property.

Real estate Investment Training

Real estate Investment Training Programs

What can I get out of Field Training?
The following are some of the highlights of the field training:

  1. Meeting the owners of distressed properties in person.
  2. Inspecting the distressed property.
  3. Analyzing the property.
  4. Over 60 key points to inspect any property.
  5. Visit to city hall (if required).
  6. Writing and presenting an offer.
  7. Analyzing the current market (facts and figures)
  8. How to deal with realtors/mortgage brokers.
  9. Visit foreclosure properties.
  10. And lot more!

Who is this Apprenticeship aimed at?
The field training is a must for both a novice and an astute real estate investor. Accompanied by the experts, you will be able to spot the bargains, make private deals, get creative financing, get deals with no money down and buy distressed properties from distressed owners.

Even a brand new property may not be up to par or fulfilling the standard building codes and zoning by laws. The field training will assist you to evaluate the current market value, usage and potential for short term to long term basis. This training is done only once a year due to time constraints.
The field training is provided to a small handpicked group of real estate investors.

Please complete the information below for detailed updates on real estate investment events. Please check your email after the submission to verify your email account. Also, add to your address book for further updates in future.

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Regular Tuition Fee – $9995*
Special Price for Live Presentation – $8995* (For dates and times check our calendar)

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*+ applicable taxes (GST/HST)

Your success is our Passion!

We have been training Canadian Real Estate Investors since 1993

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