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Testimonials – Canadian Real Estate Investors Seminar

Your financial life depends on the next step you take, read the following testimonials from our Canadian Real Estate investors.

Here’s some word-for-word testimonials  opinions, experience and feedback  from Canadian Real Estate investors, RCMP, other Real Estate professionals who have taken the training or inspired.

Hello Navtaj,

I would like to commend you on your recent article where you reference the RCMP’s strategy to combat illegal marihuana grow operations and the organized crime groups running them in all corners of the country.  These grow ops harm our communities and your article will help draw attention to the consequences, inherent hazards and destructive impacts these activities and criminal groups have on our communities.

Business associations and community members are key partners and stakeholders in this strategy and by presenting a united front and using all the tools available, we can make a difference and reduce the presence of illegal grow ops.

The real estate industry has been instrumental in keeping the momentum going.  We are very proud to have the Canadian Real Estate Association, the Manitoba Real Estate Association, the Nova Scotia Association of Realtors, the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals and now the Professional Real Estate Investors Group supporting and engaged in promoting the Marihuana Grow Initiative (MGI).

With your approval, I would like to reference your article in our monthly MGI recap (sent across the Force).  I would also like to know if you would like to receive more information about future events where your presence and/or support would be appreciated.

Thank you once again.  

Marc-André Massie
Communication Strategist | Stratège en communication
Serious and Organized Crime | Crimes graves et crime organisé
Royal Canadian Mounted Police |  Gendarmerie royale du Canada
1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0R2 | 1200, promenade Vanier, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0R2
Telephone | Téléphone             613-993-0379      
Cell             613-513-8225      
Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada Latest  Testimonials

My name is Stacey ,I took the investors course in the spring of 2012 with Navtaj I found it to be very informative, it gave me the tools I needed to go out and purchase foreclosure and tax sale properties. Within months I purchased my first foreclosure property 11 year old detached home for for $75,000  worth $150,000. This property is now a positive cash flow for me. I literally closed one day and had renters move in the very next day. I now own two properties I purchased from foreclosures.  I’ve gotten grants  from the government to make my homes more energy efficient. Its truly an amazing experience. Dedication is key  believe it and you will achieve it

Best wishes
Stacey B Toronto-Ontario
Latest  Testimonials from Montreal-Quebec
I thought that the seminar was very informative with great Canadian content. I was very happy that I attended!! The speaker did a great job on getting is message across to the audience!! I will definitely be attending one of his seminars in Toronto.

Gerald Czernohorsky-Montreal Quebec-Canada


This meeting had important information to move you ahead in the Real Estate game as an investor or owner. Thank you to Jennifer and her guest speaker Navtaj Can’t wait for more!

Jerry & Grace Grinnage, Montreal-Quebec-Canada


It was a very informative evening and I liked the way the presenter did the presentation, in a very personal manner.

Gaetane Ferland, Montreal-Quebec-Canada


It was interesting!!!



I can honestly say that Navtaj introduce a buying formula that I haven’t seen before. As an broker, all the other formulas I could see holes in them, which could cause legal problems, however his formula was clean. Was impressed, and although his full seminar was too short notice for me, I am interested in attending his next one in October.

Jennifer Walker-Montreal Advance Real Estate Group-Quebec-Canada


Latest  Testimonials from Toronto

It’s one of the best courses. Very crisp and accurate information. It opens up the mind and I bring the thinking process to a different level of perspective.

Amarpreet Bhui, MBA, BE, B.SC

Investment Manager,Toronto, ON

Great course, full of information that can be put to practice right away and start helping others.

Dan Lauzon,Cornwall, ON

Great workshop. I’m glad I took the time to meet so many wonderful people and contacts and I also cant wait to apply these tactics to my life.

Wayne Deruchie Cornwall, ON


The day I walked into the program I did not know anything. I can now say that you have really helped me in many ways to build my success. Thank you.

Sim Sandhu,

Vancouver BC

I attended REMSA more than once and every time I come I am still learning something new.  There are always different twists and variations of all the 120 strategies so the learning never stops.  Anyone who wants to make a million the secrets are here.

Patrina Cheng

Toronto, ON

This training is amazing. Mr. Chandhoke knows his real estate. He is a loyal guy trying to help the community and has incredible passion for the teaching and sharing his knowledge. In this training, you will go out in the real world and see what it’s like and you will also get the technical information you need to start making money when you want. Thank you

Kevin Burgos

Toronto, ON

I met Navtaj at an Expo, once I heard him speak I was literally on the edge of my seat I knew I wanted to hear more and more. I’m a fifth generation Canadian and he fed me with information not even my great grandparent knew. I’m now sharing and helping my family in ways I never imagined. I’ll never forget this. Thank you so much.

Stacey Baker

Toronto, ON

This is an eye-opener. The ideas , strategies and techniques presented are amazing. It changes the way you think about real estate investingI’m overflowing with information  as it is. I understand why others take this course multiple times.   I enjoyed the real life, hands-on examples and solutions the most.

 Andy Silis,

Ottawa, ON

testimonialsAll I can say is I would have missed out if I didn’t come.  I really mean that, I was soooo close to cancelling and now I realized I made the best decision of my life.  They say that the best decisions are the quickest, I finally know and understand what that means.  Navtaj you are an excellent teacher/mentor.  I have this incredible feeling inside and because of it I already became a millionaire!! Real Talk!

Amit Saini,

Vancouver, BC

Please attend this training.  It will open up our mind you won’t find these unique and achievable ideas anywhere else.

James Burton

Toronto, ON

testimonialsThe first property I/we bought after his training was a below market value, newer, semi waterfront town home in Kelowna across the road from Okanagan Lake. Shortly after purchasing the unit we refinanced it and pulled $60,000 out of it still staying with a conventional mortgage.
After learning some marketing tips I also received several thousands on referrals and they are ongoing.

 I would like to thank Navtaj Chandhoke of World Wealth Builders for the education he helped give me. His methods and techniques were good for me.

Rob Seeger
Kelowna, BC

It is my sincerest acknowledgement that I consider both of you true gentleman and fortunate enough to consider you my true friends. Although our deal was not as rewarding as expected; that of of course is business, we learned a little more in the process and most importantly gained a stronger bond between wonderful souls. It has been my pleasure to have learned and experienced a wealth of information, both on a business and personal level and look forward to any association in the future.

Your Friend and Associate

Michael Tiveron, Oakville-Ontario



 “The classes are fascinating and the teachers are both knowledgeable and engaged. However, my favorite part was walking back to my room, as the sheer magnitude of the possibilities offered here sunk in. Your mind will fill with what the future could hold and your books will fill with how to hold it. In short, go. It will change your life.”

Paul Senfert
Ottawa, ON



testimonialsI’ve been investing for 10 years and I’ve met a lot of real estate investors during that time. With over 30 years of experience investing in Canada, I can honestly say that Navtaj Chandhoke is by FAR the most creative investor I’ve ever met, and there are few people in the industry that are as qualified as him to teach on the subject of real estate investing. If you want to learn how to boost your cash flow, buy instant equity up front, use free government money, and get a glimpse into a world of real estate that few will ever see, you absolutely MUST attend Navtaj’s live training programs.

Paul Blacquiere


This World Wealth Builders millionaire course is worth every penny in terms of its future value to an investor. It is professionally and personally delivered. A diamond opportunity for all investors.

Sylvie Senfert
Ottawa, ON


Excellent workshop. I have friends that I wish were here too. I will definitely be back.

Nicole Boughton
Brampton, ON




Hi there Navtaj

Bernie here coming to you from Edmonton lol

Just to let you know I have completed my first deal.

I purchased a foreclosure from the 2nd position lender for $235,000.00.I closed on Friday May 6/2011 at 2:30 pm, Signed papers.

At 2:35pm the same day I sold the house and signed final documents to the new buyer for $275,000.00

So all in all I am very happy, the new buyers got a great deal and everybody is happy.

It is a great day, Thank you for your guidance.

Bernie Guenther-Edmonton Alberta




Yes, Because it is a very good program to learn, put in practice and earn lots of money.

Bijay Mahakhud
Brampton, ON


testimonialsWorld Wealth Builders give me homework prior to the Real Estate Millionaire Strategy Apprenticeship in Toronto. I did the homework and bought a house for more than $80,000 under market value.

Unfortunately I did not consult Navtaj during the buying process or I might have saved even more money on this purchase! I am now in the process of flipping the property for $80,000 under market value.  I will make a very quick $20K- $30K with almost no work!!

-Samantha Pinto, Mississauga-Ontario


Navtaj is an excellent mentor with a wealth full of knowledge!

Rick Paoletti
Lethbridge, AB


testimonials“I first attended a meeting orchestrated/hosted by Navtaj Chandhoke that taught the audience how to minimize taxes and then a real estate networking session took place where deals actually got done in the room…

The second time – I attended his seminar and learned specific techniques and practices that most Realtor would be unaware of.

Certainly a man who knows his way around real estate and worth learning from”

Jonathan Weaver, Toronto-Canada


I recommend the course to anyone who is interested in making money and helping other people. This course will take you to financial freedom in short order and is great for networking and being part of a team.

It will blow your mind!


testimonialsNavtaj has been keeping me current on Real Estate investing for over 4 years. I am wealthier and have way more freedom thanks to Navtaj!
 Aaron Moore on Jun 26, 2011



testimonialsAbout a month after I took Navtaj’s course, I completed my first deal. I made $20,000 and assumed no liability while doing the deal. I did this by using the creative techniques he teaches in his course.

A short while later I bought four condos well below the fair market value, again using the creative techniques form Navtaj’s course. I then sold them and made a profit of about $120,000.

In addition I referred a few people to Navtaj’s course and Ireceive a referral fee from Navtaj that covered the tuition I paid originally. I would strongly recommend anyone in interested or currently investing in real estate, to spend all the time they can with Navtaj because his knowledge and experience is invaluable.

– Tyler Krenz-Kelowna BC


I’ve never left a course that offered this much potential to make money. And Nav’s teaching was great. Succinct and to the point.

Colin Harwood
Richmond, BC


testimonialsNavtaj’s training has changed the way real estate investing is done in Canada! He is bar-none the most creative investor I have met. He shows a great deal of ethics & integrity while providing some of the most MIND BLOWING strategies you’ll find anywhere. I have been to every so called, “Real Estate Seminar” across Canada, only to feel like I need CASH to really get started.  Navtaj will show you step-by-step not only how to create wealth without having to sacrifices your own money but also helping the seller in the process! Perfect win/win situations are just the start of what you’ll learn!  I highly recommend Navtaj to anyone looking to take their real estate financial intelligence  to the next level!  He has changed the way I do business forever. Safe yourself the hassle and learn from the best! World Wealth Builders & Navtaj Chandhoke changed the way I look at Real Estate investing & put me on the path to independent wealth.  I feel privileged & honoured to call him a friend.

Rick Wheeler


It’s like being born a second time. I’ve not only learned how I’ll be making wealth, I also learned how I’ll help so many Canadians in trouble. Nowhere in this world would I get this knowledge.

Navtaj, it’s just the beginning of my journey, I know how wealthy I’ll become. Actually, I don’t have the words to say thank you, but God will thank you.

Edouard Habarurema
Gatineau, QC


testimonialsWhen it comes to savy real estate investing, nobody knows more than Navtaj. He teaches a wealth of strategies to help you make money and grow your business–including $0-down investing. Navtaj is a charming and caring professional who everybody loves.

 ~Brian d’Eon , CEO , DEON Enterprises Inc



testimonialsJust bought my first investment property! Possession Oct. 7th! Thanks for being so inspiring and willing to share your knowledge Navtaj.

~Stacey Bates Larocque September 27 ,2010



testimonialsHi Navtaj, another PREIG Canada member – Mark and I closed a deal, and it as thanks to your teachings that we were able to close it.~ Ray Wallani




testimonialsNavtaj, provides excellent Real Estate Investing Training programs, and his group is an excellent source for networking. He is highly recommended by my senior partners. ~Jerry Cabral


testimonialsHi Navtaj, Thank you so much for your club meeting, I made my first two offers after “The art of writing an offer”, and they are all accepted. This is worth more than thousands of dollars I spent in those seminars, I can’t wait for your next club meeting. Thank you so much again! ~ Tom Wu


testimonialsThanks for the great meeting tonight .Very good info. I made money just by attending through the knowledge I received. Thanks again Navtaj! ~Stephen Coon Ottawa 04 August, 2010


testimonialsNavtaj has helped me in a number of different ways regarding real estate investing. He has opened my eyes to and taught me creative real estate investing, such as using a $2 deposit. Navtaj has been through many deals, has a lot of personal stories and many people have sought his advice. If you are not going to any of the PREIG Canada or World Wealth Builders meetings to learn from this wise investor, teacher, coach, and trainer then you are truly missing something within your real estate investing career.~Brett Deguire September 28, 2010


testimonialsNavtaj is a direct, personable, knowledgeable and trustworthy person. His involvement in the real estate industry is internationally known and respected. He is a mentor and advisor. A great person to call a friend. ~Jim Kennedy, Owner, The Corporate Smile September 22, 2010


testimonialsAs a CEO of a growing business, I often seek advice from those who have enjoyed major success with a specific initiative I wish to master. I continue to seek out Navtaj for his vast experience and wealth of knowledge on info-infomercials and business expansion. He earned our trust and we have identified him as a valuable member of our business network.

~Paul Tobey,CEO,TrainingBusinessPros.Com  September 3, 2010


testimonialsNavtaj is a master real estate mentor. He knows more practical real estate investment strategies than everybody I know. He is a wealth of knowledge and experience in real estate investment. If you want to do any real estate investment, you need to know Navtaj and you need to join his club PREIG Canada and/or World Wealth Builders.

~Thomas Wong, Owner, August 24, 2010


testimonialsI have known Navtaj Chandhoke for years and in that time he has always been a source of incredible enthusiasm and knowledge. Very professional in his business and someone I would highly recommend to others. The most knowledgeable mentor in Real Estate and also personal live I have ever met in my live.
~ Jarek Bucholc, Founder, Canada Real Estate Investors ClubAugust 4, 2010


testimonialsReal Estate is Location,Location,Location add Navtaj Chandoke with his Knowledge,Knowledge,Knowledge and you have the perfect formula for your Real Estate endeavours . ~Greg Gunn, TopGunn & AssociatesAugust 4, 2010


testimonialsNavtaj has proven to be one of the most influential Real Estate mentors in my life (Professionally and Personally). His insights on the Canadian and U.S Real Estate market have proven to be highly profitable. His strategic mind carefully craft legal real estate purchases that are artfully leveraged towards profitability for the Investor (aka me!). Thank You for entering my life and I would introduce you to my closest friends in a second! Have a great day! ~ Andy D’Silva, July 21, 2010


testimonialsNavtaj is dedicated to providing education for real estate investors. His knowledge and experience is valuable to anyone looking for advice on real estate investment – he will know how to direct you to find the right answers.
~Peter Kinch, Best Selling Author, Speaker and Educator, July 27, 2010



testimonialsBuying books and taking seminar notes may just collect dust on your shelf. If you want hands on, real life, step by step procedures to invest and make money in real estate¦this will yield you 100 times the course cost!
~ Jasmine


testimonialsI have taken many courses prior to the Canadian Wealth Builders course but this is the first time that I walked away with more knowledge and answers than questions. I can hit the ground running!
~ Lisa Richardson



testimonialsAn excellent course, life changing and inspiring. Hands on practical teaching for real life real estate investing outside the box.


testimonialsGreat course!
Practical knowledge! We always spend a lot of time so that everyone gets to ask their questions and fully understand the process. Thank you very much Navtaj and Gord for this wonderful experience!
~ Cory Popescu


testimonialsThe knowledge that I have obtained from this training has been priceless. All the fears of going out into the real estate world are taken away when you take this course. Making millions has never looked so clear to me. My dream life is but a couple deals away! I will no longer use my townies for KFC or the Super 7, I will put it towards my next deals! Thanks Navtaj, the sky is the limit with this knowledge!
~ Jeffrey S. Lyons


testimonialsAfter two days with Navtaj, I came away ready to execute my first deals immediately! They provided solid and creative strategies to make investing profitable and fun!
~ Suzanne Guthrie



testimonialsNavtaj is one of the smartest, most ethical entrepreneurs I have ever had the privilege of working with. He is a true friend and a gentleman who is genuinely interested in helping other people.
January 17, 2007 Robin J. Elliott – , Owner ,


testimonialsNavtaj Chandhoke is current and real. Unlike those “gurus” who may have experienced some level of success in the past and now only make a living by selling outdated advice and teaching techniques that no longer work, Navtaj is out there “in the trenches”, every single day, leasing, flipping, negotiating, assigning, financing, and doing what feels like a million of things that continue to grow his net worth. And it is the same techniques that he shares with his students in his seminars, workshops, and boot camps. A 30-minute conversation with Navtaj will give you more than 3 days spent at most real estate workshops.
July 7, 2010 Alex Makarski , President , bizLeverage Consulting Group Inc.

testimonialsNavtaj Chandhoke is a fantastically skilled business development person with a range of skills. Although Navtaj and I have not worked together directly on a deal, I have followed his networking skills through the development of World Wealth Builders. He is a master net worker and a proven results oriented business man. . I would highly recommend Navtaj Chandhoke for his work ethic, integrity, and business savvy.
July 7, 2010 Damir Stipcic , Co-owner , Crown Realty Croatia



testimonialsNavtaj has been an extremely helpful mentor and helped me with my business. His guidance and wealth of knowledge has been a blessing on my life.
July 5, 2010 Jesse Ellis , Owner , Cheap Florida Realty Inc


testimonialsNavtaj provides a wealth of knowledge and strategies about real estate that you won’t learn through a Realtor. Not only does he show how to build assets through real estate, he cares about the success of others. I always learned something through Navtaj’s presentations.
July 5, 2010 Janet McGinty , Wealth Management/Investment Advisor , BMO Nesbitt Burns


testimonialsHello Navtaj and all the World Wealth Builders Staff,

I am writing you in response to your request for a brief summary of my experience of the REMSA course this past weekend. Having attended several of the monthly World Wealth Builders meetings; having been fortunate enough to have been immersed in some actual deals with Navtaj and most importantly, having met and listened to Navtaj on several occasions; my expectations of the REMSA course to come, were insurmountable indeed. My expectations, upon my participation in the REMSA course, were far surpassed by the sheer scope of the applicable information and real life case studies.

Navtaj is a supreme teacher of real estate investing, bar none. His unlimited knowledge, great humour and an unyielding commitment to deliver a course that quite literally allows the course participant, the ability to be extremely successful in real investing, upon the completion of the REMSA course. The information, so eloquently delivered, is so encompassing in its’ multitude of information, that there are several strategies that can be applied by ANY individual; whether it be the new beginning investor or the experienced real estate developer; the real estate agent or a veteran real estate investor.

There were many facets of real estate investing that were presented, that I personally can capitalize on. With my own back ground in infill residential construction, I am in the process of marketing and finding properties that I can either assign to someone else for a profit, at no risk; or fix up slightly and assign, or sell to a renovator; or perform the renovation myself, after I’ve found an under market property; all thanks to the information I’ve learned at the REMSA course.

I am also interested in the ‘Garden Suites’ strategy, whereby you can literally make in excess of $800.00 / month, per deal, by implementing a simple strategy that will cost you nothing and no investment is required, just information and implementation (Wow). I also liked the “Double Dip and Gravy and Hot Sauce” technique, whereby again you invest not a single loony, but control and profit from a property, again without any risk (Wowie Wow Wow).

In addition to these easily applicable techniques and other information, I have also gained some incredible contacts. I am also a hard money lender, but the security on my investments in the past has been somewhat suspect. Now I have the ability to advance funds, with the protection of real estate (mortgage on the property), that I did not have before. There are many other such techniques that you can pick from, that suit your individual expectations and requirements.

Where else can you find this level of expertise in real estate, catered to the Canadian market? I have taken several real estate courses; I have read countless books on real estate in its’ various forms; I grew up in a family of real estate developers and I personally have been involved in various levels of real estate investment and development myself and I can honestly testify that the World Wealth Builders REMSA course, is far and above any information that I have ever been exposed to.

To Your Success,

Michael Tiveron


testimonialsIan Kwan here. My experience with the REMSA training last weekend was as follows:

It was one of the best and most intensive real estate seminars I’ve ever attended. There was no hype or fluff and all the material was taught first hand by Mr. Navtaj Chandhoke himself. The material taught was also 100% “applicable” and “practical” for use in the Canadian real estate market. Real life examples and real life experience were used and cited as part of the curriculum being taught.

The class size was 11 which was fantastic in my opinion. I think even up to a maximum of 15 would have still worked without it being too overbearing. The setting of it being in a boardroom environment worked well for me as well. It seemed more intimate and conducive to open communication and sharing of information between the participants.

I really felt valued and appreciated throughout the entire three days in that was made to feel comfortable enough to ask any questions and voice any queries or concerns or to even offer my opinion at certain times. Mr. Chandhoke was very patient and understanding in explaining things in detail or sometimes over and over if the class or any individuals weren’t quite understanding the concepts or techniques being shown.

The guest speakers brought in, made the course much more “real” and valuable in that the were real people with real life experience. Not some professional speakers brought in to up sell their own products or services which is almost always the case with past seminars and courses I’ve attended. Patricia, really struck a nerve with me in that her story was touching and moving. That this woman who was struck with tragedy (losing her brother so horrifically) would then sacrifice herself by giving up a very good paying job to work with troubled and at risk youth. Her story also drove home the point that our housing system (the banks, mortgage brokers, Sheriffs) has no mercy or compassion.

Having met Ranjit Dhaliwal and Michael Warner were breaths of fresh air in opening up my mind to possibilities within the real estate arena. Both men were very down to earth and easy to talk to and made me feel at ease and both were knowledgeable and experienced in their respective fields and again took the time to field any questions and answers.

The “field trip” was also a first for me for a real estate seminar. It set this course above all others in that it was “real life”. In conclusion, my experience with the seminar was positive and a good one. Even for the networking aspects alone, made this course well worth while. I would recommend this course to anyone who is serious or even not so serious about real estate investing! You’ll be glad you did!

With Respect,

Ian A. Kwan

testimonialsThe RESMA Training was extremely useful. The strategies learned have opened my eyes to different levels of investing in Real Estate.  I think there are very few other training courses that give you this type of detail on investing. I would recommend this course for anyone that is serious about investing in Canadian Real Estate. The training shows you how to structure deals that you will not find anywhere else.

– Arius Iri

Hi Navtaj

testimonialsThank you all who participated to make this wonderful course a huge success!
This training is great, very different from other training, since it has lots of real life examples, visit in the field, talk to people who need our help because they were kicked out of the house or have no money. We also do field visits & talked to motivated sellers. Our master mentor, Navtaj showed us how in a few words to sellers open up to give us lots of information so that we can use for the best of everyone involved in the deal. We got lots of useful information from the trenches that can be applicable right away, the great part also we listened to the calls conversation about how to talk to a homeowner who does need our help! All the information is applicable in real life as myself I am an alumni & I successfully applied it, so did other students who came to teach!
It is the perfect course to get the knowledge & apply it. All you have to do is follow Navtaj’s instructions!

– Cory

testimonialsNavtaj is an expert in RE Investments. I attended few PREIG events in the past and found his meetings full of energy and knowledge. In May 2011, Navtaj presented shared with OREIO audience some of the CREATIVE techniques and secrets on how to make money in RE. These concepts clearly show the depth of knowledge and expertise’s Navtaj has. It is always interesting to know more secrets from him!

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, Creative

Amin Abdul-Fattah, P.Eng., PMP, ITIL, Past President, OREIO
hired Navtaj Chandhoke as a Real Estate Educator/Speaker in May,2011

These are much needed information. Very important for investors.
George O. Georgewill (OREIO Member) May 2011

testimonialsGreat practical infromation

(OREIO Member) May 2011

Very informative. Navtaj knows his material and the pace was just right. Made one want to march to city and get more information. I would gladly drive too Toronto to be a client of Navtaj and get his advice.

Nicole Farhey (OREIO Member) May 2011

testimonialsReal investors should have this speaker at their next meeting. The info is invaluable.

Ed Lapa (OREIO Member) May 2011

I learned a lot about niche investment strategies and how I can make use of them to go acquire more investment properties.

Walid Zaibak (OREIO Member) May 2011

Navtaj’s teachings are far beyond anything you would learn in a standard Real Estate class. As a liscensed Realtor in Alberta, even I felt like the majority of the things he knew I wouldn’t have been able to grasp in the field, or even any Realtor classes offerings. 
I highly recommend his classes to anyone looking to research Real Estate to a deeper level than just buy , sell and rent conventionally.

Varun Verma, Edmonton-Alberta

Here is a new twist on real estate.

Gilles Lacroix (OREIO Member) May 2011

testimonialsExcellent focused and humorous but realistic presentation. Excellent for individuals who are interested in leveraging their entry into real estate.

OREIO Member (May 2011)

Have purchased several properties on for sale and made profit on every one so far.

Richard Jowasz (OREIO Member) May 2011

He provides information that you cant get anywhere else withot much difficulty or with experience.

Linda Stevenson (OREIO Member) May 2011

To stay ahead you need to think outside the box. Stay one step ahead of average knowledge yet simple strategies the CRA wish you knew! Navtaj has a lot of integrity.

Mary J. Brauner (OREIO Member) May 2011

Navtaj brings a wealth of experience, no matter your level of expertise. He presentated many little known strategies designed to increase cash flow and reduce costs.

Joanne Murphy (OREIO Member) May 2011

Very entertaining with very important info covering many strategies.

Mark McKenna (OREIO Member) May 2011

testimonialsMy head hurts – in a good way.

OREIO Member (May 2011)

testimonialsYour presentation was well organized, easy to understand, full of useful information and coloured by humour.

OREIO Member (May 2011)

Navtaj is a berry berry good public speaker.

David Baur (OREIO Member) May 2011

Navtaj provided a wealth of useful information during his presentation.

Ken U. (OREIO Member) May 2011

Provided a strategy for family members to use to purchase first home.

John Van Zetten (OREIO Member) May 2011

Very dynamic and extremely informative presentation.

Michael Robinson (OREIO Member) May 2011

I have to have a testimonial.

Gwen Cameron (OREIO Member) May 2011

Ive been a member of PREIG for a while and find Navtaj session fun and informatiive and at the same time very interesting.

Chris Veaudry (OREIO Member) May 2011

Was a very good presentation on a topic I never knew about. I am going to investigate these concepts and knowledge presented.

Terry Mesdag (OREIO Member) May 2011

testimonialsNav’s presentation was full of great content. This has provided several more options to creative positive income.

OREIO Member (May 2011)

The presentaton from World Wealth Builders provided us with valuable information on different ways to make money with real estate.

Francois Martin (OREIO Member) May 2011

testimonialsAn energetic exciting presentation.

OREIO Member (May 2011)

Navtaj’s presentation opened my eyes to an entirely new idea of how to profit in real estate. His presentation was both informative and entertaining.

Rich Danby (OREIO Member) May 2011

I found the material easy to understand and act upon. Mr. Chandhoke was certainly motivating to turn this into “knowledge activity”.

Gres Walker (OREIO Member) May 2011

Fantastic, entertaining and very useful

 Testimonial of Aws Amro (OREIO Member) May 2011

I was very impressed

 Testimonial of Kwesi Bourne (OREIO Member) May 2011

Navtaj is berry berry totally good teacher

 Testimonial of Alexander Qurjada (OREIO Member) May 2011

Navtaj makes learning fun with loads of information.

 Testimonial of Vishal Rawat (OREIO Member) May 2011

Excellent information.

 Testimonial of Babettte Torner (OREIO Member) May 2011

He was a good speaker with lots of information.

 Testimonial of Johan Spapen (OREIO Member) May 2011

Navtaj provided a lively interesting presentation

 Testimonial of Debrah Boucher (OREIO Member) May 2011

Your success is our business!
Navtaj Chandhoke
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