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World Wealth Builders  is Scam post was written as an On Site Search Optimization Strategy, and we would like to thank you for allowing us the time to prove to you that negative marketing works.Our competitors are advertising us (at no cost)  to check us out.

No plan is the plan for failure. Without due diligence is like digging a ditch without a shovel. Plan and due diligence help to keep you on schedule. World Wealth Builders scam

Welcome! We were expecting you. Well, you want to do your own Due Diligence on Are they legit or scam? If we were you, we will do the same thing. One of the ways to answer these questions is to research “” in Google or other searching engines that you are familiar with.

Canadian Real Estate investors must do their due diligence. Bravo! You have the right mentality of a successful Canadian Real Estate investor.  You are not the first or the last person who search for “WorldWealthBuilders is Scam.  It turns out to be a high search term.






“If everybody loves you, something is wrong. Find at least one enemy to keep you alert.”Paulo Coelho

Now let us see what you may be able to find. There are 4 kinds of people that you will do the same search and add information out there.

The first ones are our competitors who enjoy bashing others for fun. We want to thank them to put extra money in our pocket. I am sure that they are NOT aware of the benefits they are providing us.

The second kind is people who want to drive traffic to their site and use the term to attract attention. They just gather comments from other people and pass it along.

The third kind is people who may have legitimate experience with WorldWealthBuilders. They may share their good and bad experience with WorldWealthBuilders. We take any legitimate concerns seriously and will follow-up in a timely manner.

The fourth kind is that Canadian Real Estate who never attends our seminars. They want to learn more about it from who did take it.  They will raise many questions.

Based in Toronto and we teach only Canadian Real Estate Investing programs. We did not find anything in Google supporting any claim that we are a scam.

Our courses are outstanding, and our students get the results that they wanted. We have trained everyone from start up Real Estate Investors to Guru Real Estate Investors, and worked with the government. Our trainer also received RCMP Recognition. We have been invited as a guest speaker to speak at lot of Canadian Real Estate conventions, university of Toronto, Canadian Real estate clubs across the nation.

If you are a beginner to the Real Estate Investing, we can certainly help you. There are a lot of potential for gain without too much your own resource when you are dealing with Creative Real Estate Investing.  However, you need professional guidance to get the effective results.  Our professional team is here to support you.

How do you know whether we have the expertise?  We collected testimonials from many of our client and associates. We posted few of them on the Internet, search us and you will find many of them.

Our Advance Canadian Real Estate Millionaire Secret Seminar, which is offered in  Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver  and other cities, is presented by our professionals from the industry, who have been there and have done it many times.

World Wealth Builders is Scam






We provide up to date information and share our real life experience.  You can easily avoid making by learning from the mistakes of others.  We will help you to get it the right way the first time and spare you from the headaches and the costly consequence of mistakes.

If a person told you “there are no risks” in what they are doing, run away as far as you can please. Everything comes with some risks, real estate investment is no different. We will train you to manage your risks and make wise decisions for your future.

Other benefits of being a member of our organization are: networking opportunities, Joint Ventures opportunities and free educational seminars. Most Real Estate Investment clubs cost $200 a month to join. We only charge $199 for the whole year.  Comparing the value, we provide the best return on your investment in Canada.

Please visit us at for more information about us and our courses. Our “No Money Down Seminar” is being featured in Toronto.  We are coming to your city soon. You can call us at 416-409-7300 for any questions.

To your success!

Your success is our Passion!

Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors since 1993.

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