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Court Queens Bench Alberta Foreclosure

World Wealth Builders Visit Four Different Courts of Queen’s Bench in Alberta

Calgary, Monday Nov 16th, 2009 – World Wealth Builders completed another very special Alberta Foreclosure Apprenticeship in Calgary. Each apprentice took part in two days of intensive and exhausting education, which involved ten different laws, group activities, class activities, partner activities, and several tactical exercises.

Court Queens Bench Alberta Foreclosure

On the third day, every apprentice went to the Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary to observe foreclosure proceedings. Observing the proceedings first-hand was an eye-opener for every apprentice, since it was their first-ever live presence in the Courts to witness foreclosures in real life.

Court Queens Bench Alberta Foreclosure






The Master of Chambers started taking Ex Parte cases first, and then moved on to the Adjournments. It was a very shocking and painful experience to see a homeowner who was very ill carrying a medical oxygen tank and breathing apparatus. He appeared in front of the Master of Chambers, pleading for help. He claimed he knew nothing about the foreclosure process, and was very upset, angry, and on edge. Unfortunately for him, the law and the courts have to listen to both plaintiff and defendant, and govern the rights and obligations for each party.

The court advised him that they cannot help him, and gave him a period of six months to come up with the money; otherwise he could lose his house. He was unable to stop or delay the foreclosure process. There were several other cases where the master of chambers gave orders on different aspects of foreclosures.

After attending the course, all the apprentices were guided to the law library, where they saw all the ten different statutes of law, which affect the Alberta foreclosure process. The next step was to take the apprentices to LINC, where they found homeowners facing foreclosure and provide very generic help: either to file a Defense or file a Demand Notice. All the apprentices were very pleased that they were able to recognize and understand the language and technical terms that had been taught in the course. They understood the jargon of all the legal terminology, the Court procedure, as well as a very clear understanding of the practical aspects of foreclosure.

Court Queens Bench Alberta Foreclosure






The next step in Court of Queen’s Bench in Alberta was to pull the documents which were recently filed for foreclosure. The apprentices were given a file and asked to create a full explanation and interpretation for each file going through the process of foreclosure. Each apprentice was able to translate and make perfect sense of those legal documents, breaking down the complex and confusing language to a kindergarten level.

The Alberta Foreclosure Apprenticeship was created as a result of the economic down-turn, when many Albertans started to face foreclosure. When asked Why Now? Navtaj Chandhoke said:”Due to 2008-2009 recessions, many Albertans will become homeless, and their lifetime savings will disappear into thin air. It is my intention to make sure nobody loses their home to foreclosure, and to help those families to downsize, if possible”. 

This apprenticeship was developed and designed to teach practical knowledge of law, rescue remedies, and the common practices of the Master of Chambers, lawyers, and the lenders.

It is very unfortunate that there is not another institution which can teach in-depth practical knowledge about Alberta foreclosure. Instead, I learn they are gougers, who are teaching their students insufficient information and no legal knowledge. They only interested in selling their seminar, along with outdated lists for a huge sum of money.

Each apprentice was prepared with the proper Court etiquette, and shown the practical aspect of real Alberta foreclosure rather than filler which has no relevance to actual life.

To prepare the Alberta Foreclosure Apprenticeship, World Wealth Builders took the initiative to visit Court of Queen’s Bench in Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, and Grande Prairie several times to experience and witness first-hand the procedures, as well as real life implementations of AB foreclosure process. Each time, there were families who begged the Master of Chambers to give them a break so that they would not lose their home.

Due to Alberta foreclosure laws, the Court can not provide any advice to any party. Instead, the Court makes the decisions and gives the Court orders.

The research and development team of PREIG CANADA, and many volunteers from Alberta, went on digging up all the pertinent information required to teach the new apprentices, as well as the new laws which will be implemented as of January 1st, 2010.

World Wealth Builders offers many unique, practical, out of the box real estate investor apprenticeship which offers the student hands on, in the trenches style instruction to facilitate both a different mindset as well as a successful and lucrative real estate investment business. You can attend Real Estate Millionaire Lease Option Apprenticeship online or in person. To find out more, please go to

The above information is provided as a guideline and is not intended to give a professional legal advice. Please consult a real estate lawyer for their opinion on your particular case.

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