Court Queens Bench Alberta Foreclosure

Court Queens Bench Alberta Foreclosure

World Wealth Builders Visit Four Different Courts of Queen’s Bench in Alberta

Calgary, Monday Nov 16th, 2009 – World Wealth Builders completed another very special Alberta Foreclosure Apprenticeship in Calgary. Each apprentice took part in two days of intensive and exhausting education, which involved ten different laws, group activities, class activities, partner activities, and several tactical exercises.

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Foreclosure Process in Alberta

Foreclosure Process in Alberta is legal procedure when the property owner default the mortgage payments. In Canada, all mortgages are governed by separate provincial statutes. And each province has its own different ways of dealing with the Foreclosure Process. The Foreclosure Process in Alberta is similar to that of British Columbia, since both provinces utilize Judicial Sale. In Alberta, though, all foreclosures are carried out under the Court of Queen’s Bench.

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