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Lease Options Real Estate Investing to owns can be an extremely profitable real estate investment whereby any real estate investor can make both massive and passive income with very little time spent in the management.

Lease Options Real Estate Investing

Continuous Profits in Lease options in Canada

Our most precious commodity is our time. As a real estate investor, we need to create deals that will give us continuous profits but require small amounts of our time. One of the best strategies to utilize is known as the lease option.

 lease options real estate investing

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Who are your clients in lease options in Canada?

The lease option in real estate is similar to leasing a car in that you have monthly payments and a buy out at the end of the term.
The question is, what type of person would be interested in getting involved in a program such as this?

This answer is certainly varied, but generally there are 3 key factors of why a person would be interested in such a program:

  1. A person(s) that has poor money management skills and cant qualify for a mortgage(but they are ready to get serious)
  2. A person(s)that have moved up an income bracket (from a job promotion or whatever) and want to live in a neighbourhood that reflects this
  3. A person(s) that are sick of renting and want to be in a situation where they are creating equity

Lease Option contracts in Canada

Setting the lease option properly from the start is the most important thing. If you do not create the proper contracts in a way that protects you, you could find yourself on the wrong side of a court battle.

lease options real estate investing

The Best way to set up your Lease Option in Canada

There are 3 key factors in setting up your lease option properly:

  1. Create a proper contract ensuring the tenant/buyer(we like to call them occupant/buyer) cannot legally sue you for their deposit money (money they put into the deal which is above their rent/occupancy fee)
  2. Make sure there is a purchase price in place at the end of the term that reflects the average appreciation in the area (however, if both parties get an appraisal done a month or 2 before closing a fair purchase price will be established)
  3. Be sure to screen your occupant/buyers carefully

Intensive Training

World Wealth Builders offers  One day intensive apprenticeship showing you the step by step process of finding these lease to own opportunities, structuring the contracts, getting clients, implementing excellent screening processes and showing you creative methods of acquisition.

To obtain more information about our upcoming lease to own apprenticeship please send an email to or check

Lease Option Apprenticeship in Canada

Our unique Lease Option Apprenticeship enables you, the investor, to be involved in more successful real estate transactions that will ensure massive and passive income. Structuring the lease option is critical to its success.

You will learn powerful techniques, strategies and processes to create proper lease options / rent to owns.

You will also learn essential skills in order to understand how to control or own more properties, and to create a line up of candidates thus ensuring a continuous business of lease options.

Regular Tuition Fee – $1995*
Special Price for Live Presentation – $1595* (For dates and times check our calendar)

To Register, $595 deposit required Click Here
*+ applicable taxes (GST/HST)

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