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Real Estate Mentor is a word which was founded several decades ago in Greek Mythology. Whether it was used then, the significance still remains the same till today.

A  Real Estate mentor is a wise influential person or supporter who provides you with helpful information and guides you through a path towards success. Real Estate Mentors are also interested in formulating an understanding environment in which the people being mentored are encouraged to discuss their needs and circumstances willingly with confidence.

Real Estate MentorThe importance of a Real Estate mentor is to act similar to a counselor or teacher. They acknowledge information and questions that people convey, then respond in a manner that the recipient will appreciate. Doing so, the recipient will value the advice and will then be courageous to move forward achieving their goal.

Real Estate mentoring is similar to an event I witnessed yesterday. Team Canada in the men’s hockey gold medal game at the Winter Olympics is a clear example of mentoring. The star player of Team Canada, Sidney Crosby, age 22, played every single game in the tournament. He is similar to someone who is real estate investor looking for success. For 3 consecutive games before the gold medal game, Sidney did not scored a single goal. Throughout the gold medal match, Sidney played his heart out but still came up short period after period. As the time was winding down, Sidney and Team Canada was looking to go into an overtime period against their opponent. This is similar to a real estate investor never giving up, no matter what happens.


Once Team Canada entered the overtime period, their Coach instructed them to take chances by slapping the hockey puck towards the net and hoping for a good outcome. Sidney acknowledged his coach’s strategy and took action. He got a hold of the puck in front of his opponents net and took the chance by slapping it hoping it would go in somehow. The results of Sidney’s actions lead Team Canada to win the gold medal. Scoring the game winning placed him as a hero which will lead him to earning millions.

The Team Canada coach in this hockey signifies the Real Estate mentor. As a mentor, he guided and influenced his team to take chances because positive results can happen. The coach had the experience and knowledge that the players were lacking. A mentor like the coach has made mistakes in the past, and now is guiding his players to learn from them. The coach helped Sidney keep his mind off obstacles and stay on task, looking to win the gold medal. A real estate mentor helps a real estate investor keep his mind on the goal, striving to earn the best possible.

Real estate mentor is a crucial person in the real estate business. They keep the real estate investors updated and on the edge of the blade. They share their failures, knowledge and experiences with real estate investors in order for them to avoid mistake or make positive decisions. Sidney needed his mentor  the coach in order to score the winning goal. The coach shared his strategies to outperform the competitors.

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The above information is provided as a guideline and is not intended to give a professional legal advice. Please consult a real estate lawyer for their opinion on your particular case

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