Real Estate Mentor

Real Estate Mentor is a word which was founded several decades ago in Greek Mythology. Whether it was used then, the significance still remains the same till today.

A  Real Estate mentor is a wise influential person or supporter who provides you with helpful information and guides you through a path towards success. Real Estate Mentors are also interested in formulating an understanding environment in which the people being mentored are encouraged to discuss their needs and circumstances willingly with confidence.Continue reading

Homeowners vs Renters in Canada

According to Statistics Canada, in 2005, 37% of people were home renters and 63% of people were home owners. Most home renters would love to be home owners but choose to rent because of lack of money available for a down payment, unfavorable credit or simply are not making enough money to carry a mortgage. When you are renting for said term outlined in the rental agreement, you are making your landlord a very rich person. In this process, you are paying down his mortgage and putting cash in his pocket every month. At the end of your rental term, you walk away with nothing. Knowing this most people neglect the units and do not take pride in their living space and that is why most of the rental units are substandard.Continue reading

Owner Financing in Canada

Are you looking to buy a house but feel you may not qualify for a mortgage through a conventional method; well this article may be just what you need to buy your home or investment property.

What is Owner Financing in Canada a.k.a (vendor take back)? Owner Financing in Canada  is when the seller agrees to finance the deal as if he is the bank, it is a win- win situation both for the seller and the buyer. There are many benefits for both parties, if you are the buyer, you do not need to worry abut qualifying for a mortgage, you do not have to worry about a credit check (especially if you have credit issues), you can have a long term mortgage, more flexibilities with closing dates and more.Owner Financing in Canada

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Five Wise Decisions for Canadian Real Estate Investing

All Real Estate Investors want to be successful.  Many books have been written on the subject. The newsstands are filled with magazines with hot tips on how to become wealthy by Real Estate Investing, however, the process of successful Real Estate investing really isn’t that hard if you keep in mind five simple concepts of real estate investing.

Canadian Real Estate Investing

Real Estate Investing

Always keep a fund for emergencies then move onto investing long term

This means starting with your principal residence. You can start building equity early by investing in your principal residence. When you rent you do not build equity.

Let us look at three real estate investors in the same age group in hypothetical situations. All 3 retired at the age of 65 and paid $1,000 a month towards accommodation before retirement. Patrina starts at the age of 25 and bought her first house for $100,000.00 in 1985 which was financed 100%. After 25 years, her house is paid off in full for the rest of her life and she does not have to pay any rent or mortgage. This is very common among a lot of Canadians. By doing this, by the time she is 50 years old she would have a principle residence that is her retirement nest, and the chances are that the house might have tripled or quadrupled in value from what she had paid originally.

On the other hand, Bob buys his first house at the age of 35 in 1995, and Jon, 45, buys his first home in 2005. Both Bob and Jon have been saving for a down payment since they were 25 years old and have been paying rent in the mean time. Bob may have bought the same house for $200,000.00, while Jon in 2005 may have bought the same house for $300,000.00 as a result of appreciation. It will take 25 years to pay it off, but the cost of borrowing is astronomical, double or triple the amount compared to Patrina’s case. The moral of the story is to start real estate investing at the earliest age as you can and always avoid paying the rent.

Canadian Real Estate Investing

Select the right mix of investments

The key component of real estate investing is three-fold. Always obtain an asset that will most likely appreciate over time. Secondly, it should save taxes. Third, it offers you passive income for life. Leverage is the name of the game. We always borrow 100%, plus all the associated costs to obtain an asset which others will pay off in the form of rent. These investments require in depth knowledge of real estate investing. A professional real estate investor does not use money from their personal bank account!

On the other hand, an educated Real Estate investor will be taking advantage of all the forgivable grants, bailouts, and handouts from all different levels of the government, as well as other agencies. This is free money which is non-taxable. You will never have to return it nor do you have to pay any interest on it. The question is what kind of properties should you have in your portfolio? The correct answer is based upon the sophistication of your education, information, time, and money. By attending Real Estate Investing Millionaire Strategy Apprenticeship, one may realize the hundreds of different ways that are non-conventional but creative. The grants can be piggy banked one after a second, after a third, and they can be huge passive income for life. All you need is a proper system which takes care of management, appreciation, cash flow, and the tax benefits.

Invest systematically and automatically

Majority of the people intend to invest only with three factors which are fear, speculation, and gambling. By doing so, they are at the mercy of the volatility of interest rates, economy, and employment. A sophisticated professional real estate investor would have none of these three factors in his equation of real estate investing.

Remembering to regularly invest can be difficult since life can be complex and busy. Setting up auto deductions from your paycheck or bank account that is invested automatically in a predetermined fashion can help. Investing within a retirement account can have a tax benefit and in some cases the employer might contribute an additional amount as well. By investing a set amount each month either directly out of your paycheck or out of your bank account, you’ll save time and won’t forget to invest in your future.

Watch your investment costs and Cash flow

There is no reason to have negative cash flow in any investment property when there are so many excellent investments, but you want to take advantage of hand outs and bail outs from all levels of government. The key of real estate investing is to always have huge positive cash flow without any liability. To learn more of the secrets, techniques, and strategies, we recommend that you must attend the Real Estate Investing Millionaire Strategy Apprenticeship.

Pay Less Taxes Legally

Canadian Real Estate Investing

Are you aware of the fact that the majority of the wealthy people pay less than 5% in taxes of their gross income? The average person will start paying taxes the day they were born until the day they die. There is very little education and information available which is a privilege to super wealthy millionaires. Again, we insist that one should invest in the proper education instead of paying 30-50% of taxes of their income. Making sure you are invested for tax efficiency can save hundreds or thousands of dollars every year, which allows your investments to continue to compound for use in the future.

While these five concepts may be easy to outline, it can be hard to implement without, mentoring, and apprenticeship. To learn more one should embark on the journey to learn at the Real Estate Investing Millionaire Strategy Apprenticeship.

Navtaj Chandhoke is a Canadian-based real estate investor, speaker, author, educator, entrepreneur extraordinaire and the founder of World Wealth Builders, a leading Canadian Real Estate investors education, mentoring center serving Canadian Real Estate investors since 1993.

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Learn how to flip houses – a step by step process

So you would like to know how to flip houses in Canada works and how to generate instant profits?

The business of flipping houses in Canada is very profitable and so is investments. Similar to other businesses, you must go and visit to learn. You would also need to join the Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada to learn more and meet with professional real estate investors, in order to learn how to flip houses.

How to flip houses

How to Flip Houses in Canada Program – Step-by-Step explanation:

1 – Get the training needed: For real estate investment, you would need to make a significantly large investment. Each business has secrets, strategies and tricks. Learn the process from Canadian real estate investment experts.

2 – Attend eye witness boots on the ground LIVE field training: Do not believe those slick snake oil salesmen who wants you to buy $50,000.00 seminar and having nothing to show you in your backyard. Take the time to visit and observe real deals, which is known as training or boots on the ground.

How to flip houses3 – Take the Canadian real estate investors strategic apprenticeship (CREISA): which is meant to give you as many benefits as possible, “How to do it” strategies. You will benefit a great deal about learning buying deep discounted real estate to using forgivable Canadian real estate grants. This is one of a kind unique apprenticeship which spells success.

6 – Assign the offer (Quick flip): Please ensure that you have access to the assignment clause which would help you to assign the contract before closing. The best part of this clause is you are NOT liable in case the deal goes sideways.

7 – Close the deal with the Joint Venture partners: It would be fine to begin investing in Canadian real estate with introductory steps and getting joint venture partners to offer you money and experience.

8 – Get the house renovation done with the required building permit: A lot of Canadian real estate investors do not get the building permit and insurance. Also, please ensure that you have all your contracts reviewed by your lawyer and there is a time period to finish everything.

9 – Remember to always decorate the property: Would you ever want to go to your own wedding in top tank or jeans. The house needs to be decorated properly in order for it to get a high price. If something looks appealing, it would have a great worth and would bring a lot of profit.

10 – Flip the house to end buyer: Be aware of capital gains as well as all expenses. Get the proper advice from Canada Revenue Agency as well as your accountant.

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Foreclosure Process in British Columbia Canada

Foreclosure Process in British Columbia Canada is legal procedure when the property owners fails to make mortgage payments and the Lender is in legal process to recover their investments.The word foreclosure means to deprive a borrower [in default] of the right to redeem the mortgaged property.  In British Columbia, the foreclosure process it is a Judicial Sale.

foreclosure process

It is also an extinguishment. In legal terms, this means to pay off and satisfy in full, or to nullify. In a sense, a foreclosure is like a divorce proceeding, where the borrower and the lender become divorced under the mortgage terms. All of the foreclosures in British Columbia are subject to Judicial Sale proceedings. The lender can apply to the British Columbia Supreme Court for a judicial sale, also known as Court-ordered sale, which will then be carried out under strict Court orders.

The foreclosure begins with a demand letter, which offers the property-owner a very short time-frame in which to pay out the mortgage. In simple language, the lender is saying that the property-owner must pay up, or get sued. The next step is a petition filed in the British Columbia Supreme Court registry, where the foreclosure action begins.

Being a Canadian real estate investor, it is important to know the whole process so that a real estate investor can assist the panicked property owner, as well as the lender to resolve the default.

The Order Nisi serves to establish the time of redemption. The redemption period is the time period in which the property-owner can redeem the mortgage, as well as the amount required. The redemption period is usually set at six months. There are exceptions where the redemption period can be reduced to one single day, subject to the approval of the Courts.

When a lender applies for an Order Nisi, they will apprise the Court of the current value of the property, and ensure that it is high enough to satisfy the cost of the sale and claim off the property-owner. If the property is sold by the Courts, the lender is entitled to recover the difference between the sale proceeds and the mortgage debt from the property-owner.

Once a lender has been granted a conduct of sale, they act in the role of the lender pursuant to the Court order, solely for the disposition of the assets. They also have the right to list the property with a realtor on MLS.


When a potential buyer wants to make an offer through the realtor, the offer is prepared and directed at one of the lenders. At that point, the realtor confirms that the potential buyer will be negotiating with the lender, and the deal may be possible once the offer is also presented in the Courts. The offer can be subject to a sealed bid process.

The foreclosure process in British Columbia can be very complex, time-consuming, and very expensive for all the parties concerned.

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The above information is provided as a guideline and is not intended to give a professional legal advice. Please consult a real estate lawyer for their opinion on your particular case

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foreclosure process

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