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A Special Network Event

This month’s networking event theme is

Fine print (penalties)  in Canadian Mortgages

toronto rei club

You will also learn at Toronto REI Club Meeting

Will Canadian housing prices cool or collapse?

Toronto rei Club

Canadian Real Estate Market trends of 2015. What you must know new changes of 2015. Watch out if you are going or investing  in  USA

New Charges for Canadian Mortgages

Date: Saturday   Sept 19th, Oct 10th, Nov 14th and Dec 12th 2015

Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm

toronto rei club

Location: Bayview Golf and Country Club 25 Fairway Heights Drive, Toronto, ON L3T 3X1 (905) 889-4833

Parking: Free

Phone: 416-409-7300

VIP Event- Your guest (PREIG annual members) comes for free for this event

Show potential business partners that you are actively involved in Professional real estate Club.

Only 30 VIP seats available! Limit of 2 guests for each PREIG annual members  on a first come, first served basis. Guest (other than confirmed 30 above) – future members: $30 at the door.

Annual membership includes attendance to this event.

The cost of an individual membership is $149.00 per year.


For 1st time/Guest: $30/person. You can either pay cash  or debit @the door

Annual Fee for PREIG Canada Meeting : $149/person (Value Priceless)

Learn from the Canadian Experts the tactics, skills, and investing methods it normally takes others a lifetime to learn. Our radically different approach is intense, immersing, interactive, and gives you actionable knowledge you can start using the instant you’re done.

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Network + Support + Apprenticeship + Mentoring = Massive Income + Passive income

Align yourself with the most powerful, knowledgeable, influential, successful over 17,000+ Canadian Real Estate Investors to network and learn, to do that Click here  to join Membership

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Who Should Attend Toronto REI Club mentoring & networking meeting?

Virgin Real Estate Investors (first time Canadian home buyers):

If you have never invested in real estate, get started when the market is ripe for the picking. No money? No credit? No problem! You’ll see exactly how our students have become financially free by using our proven methods.

Experienced Canadian  Real Estate Investors:

Find out how to move up to the phenomenal income potential in our method of investing. Get proven Canadian strategies that take you from your current income to the next level you desire and put you in a whole new money-making league.

Canadian Real Estate Professionals:

Now is the time for you to make more money in your deals. See how you can earn more than a commission and massively increase your net worth by getting into the action yourself. This is must for Canadian Realtors and Mortgage Brokers, financial planners, Canadian Accountants, Insurance professions, Real Estate Lawyers etc.

This is an opportunity you must share with your friends, family and colleagues.

If you want more out of life more wealth, more happiness, more fun then you MUST get them to one of the upcoming PREIG CANADA’S Monthly Real Estate Investors association’s mentoring, support and networking meeting.

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We are looking forward to see you in next PREIG Canada’s meeting  in person.Don’t forget to bring your family or friend too.

Your success is our Passion!

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Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors.

This presentation is intended for information purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for legal or professional advice. Seek qualified professional assistance on your personal matters.

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